EXA CONNECTED is a blockchain-based platform built to develop technology-based service contents for future cities by connecting cutting-edge technologies such as smart cities, smart buildings, artificial intelligence robots, autonomous driving mobility and drones to maximize the characteristics of the city.

The EXA CONNECTED platform is Wallpad with an Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) system. It consists of EXA SPACE and an autonomous AI robot "KORI" that can be remotely controlled indoors. The main payment service will be EXA COMMERCE where EXA ROBOTICS, EXA Point and EXA will become the main payment methods.



What is EXA

The representative service contents of EXA CONNECTED are E-Space Wallpad and EXA SPACE that provides service of IoT controller system based on AIoT system as well as the 5 lineups of self driving AI robot KORI providing total AI untact robot services which are structured with EXA ROBOTICS, E-SPACE Wallpad and KORI service, total payment system EXA COMMERCE, and a De-Fi service EXA BANK.


EXA Ecosystem

EXA Token

EXA token (EXA) serves as a medium for connecting contents and assets of an EXA CONNECTED platform ecosystem, users and contents, users and users, and enterprises (EXA ROBOTICS) to maintain and sustain the platform ecosystem in a virtuous cycle structure.

EXA Point

The basic payment and reward methods of the EXA CONNECTED platform is EXA point. EXA point can be purchased or charged in a variety of ways including cash, card and easy payments or earned in rewards based on the occurred transaction or contribution to the user’s platform activation. EXA points are designed to be converted into EXA tokens as digital assets.


EXA CONNECTED platform has built a reward system to motivate users to participate, inducing interest and activate the platform. Rewards are provided for activities within the platform such as consumer activities or evaluation of goods and services within the platform. EXA point acquired as a reward can be used as a payment for purchasing goods and services on the platform. The used points can be circulated on the platform by giving back a part of the payment amount or accumulating (cashback) to EXA point.


Reward System

EXA CONNECTED provides EXA point for all activities within the platform to increase the motivation for participation and inducing interest for activating the platform.

Points obtained through rewards can be exchanged for EXA token and used as a payment method when purchasing specific goods and services on the platform.



2021 Platform design

• Project design
• Blockchain data design
• Securing consortium member
• Platform and token design
• Publishing whitepaper

2022 Platform launch

• Launching e-wallet, platform
• Expanding ecosystem
• Affiliation with online and offline partners
• Listing on virtual asset exchanges

2023 Contents diversification

• Core contents promotion
• Expansion of platform-based content partnerships
• Ecosystem expansion through platform advancement
• Global marketing expansion
• Expansion of global virtual asset exchanges

2024 Service advancement

• AI, bigdata based platform advancement
• Expanding ecosystems and introducing additional business models

* This roadmap may vary depending on market conditions, company development progress, and other circumstances.

Token Plan

Token Information

EXA uses the standard token specification KIP-7 set by the Klaytn blockchain network in consideration of the stability and scalability of the transaction. KIP-7 is a standard specification for ensuring compatibility of tokens that can be distributed on the Klaytn network, and it stipulates that tokens issued by DApp meet compatibility with Klaytn's currency, Klay.

EXA Token

Token Name


Token Symbol



1,000,000,000 EXA

Total Supply

Token Allocation

Token Swap 30%
Ecosystem 30%
Development 20%
Initial Members 10%
Marketing and Airdrops 5%
Advisors and Partners 5%

Funds Management Plan

Platform Development 30%
Marketing Fee 30%
Service Establishment and Operation20%
Legal and Accounting Advisory 10%
Company Hold and Risk Prevention 10%


Organization Chart


Key Members

LEE, Jung-Geun


Participation as MD and PM in residential and commercial facilities
SH, LH public rental housing projects participation
2011 ~ current Smart Building Solution Development
Real estate development and consulting

Herald Economic, Real Estate and Value Management award

Major career and external activities
Asia Economic Television Broadcasts by Real Estate Experts
Opening of Smart Building Solutions Public Relations Center
Simultaneous launching of the world first 20 service robots
The World's First Robot Autonomous Driving Cluster Technology
Graduated Konkuk University Graduate School of Real Estate

SHIN, Hyun-Mi


Masters Degree in Communication, Sungkyunkwan University
Masters Degree in Business Administration, Yeoju University Graduate School of Business Administration

Surgical Director Ijiendo Co., Ltd.
Future Robot Co., Ltd.
Hankook Ilbo investigative reporter
NCS Development Robot Safety Certification Review Team
Robot Industry Steering Committee
Meister High School Western Robot High School Steering Committee

Major career and external activities
30th generation of guide robots for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
More than 20 microbot rental contracts
Venture companies, Innobiz, ISO, KS certification

KANG, Seok-Hee


Department of Electrical Engineering, Seoul National University
Completed the KAIST Jin Daeje AMP
Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at Yonsei University

Former DST Robot CEO (currently Hurim Robot)
DST Systems Management Advisor
Director of Bucheon Industrial Promotion Foundation
committee member of the Gyeonggi Science and Technology Promotion Agency
Director of the Korea Robotics Research Institute

Major career and external activities
• High-performance five-phase with current controller step motor drive driver design
• AI quadrupedal pet robot with sensor fusion

KANG, Tae-Gu


Korea University Graduate School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D.
Korea University Graduate School of Image Information Processing, Master's Degree
Bachelor of Applied Electronic Engineering, Korea University

Director of Sangmyung University Field Practice Support Center
Humanoid Robotics Review Editor
Sangmyung University Dept. of Human Intelligent Robot Engineering
Academic Committee Member, National Academic Committee of ICT Platform Society

User status recognition using multiple bio-signals
Technology development (National Research Foundation, Research Director)
Cognitive service robot (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
Evolutionary autonomous multi-object robot system
Robotic crane-based high-rise building construction automation
System development (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, participating research institute)

BONG, Jae-Hwan


Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Korea University
Korea University Graduate School of Mechanical Engineering, Master's degree
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University

Professor, Department of Human Intelligent Robot Engineering, Sangmyung University
Professor, Department of Mechanical Control Engineering, Korea Cyber University
University of Southern Denmark Study

Patent) Remote navigation system of mobile robot using augmented reality technology: registered
(Patent) Hum stiffness control device of joint mechanism: registered
(Patent) Muscle fiber actuator: registered
(Patent) For delivery with variable loading space unmanned aerial vehicle: Registration

KANG, Min-Seok


Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hongik University Graduate School
Hanyang University Graduate School of Engineering
Ph.D.Master of Mechanical Engineering, Hongik University

Professor, Department of Robotics Engineering, Hanyang University Professor of Interdisciplinary Engineering Systems Department
HEXAR SYSTEMS, Senior Researcher
KITECH, Researcher

(Patent) Unmanned control system of operating lever
(Patent) Excavator vibration suppression device
(Patent) Heavy Equipment Remote Control System
(Patent) Joystick unmanned control system application
(Patent) Vibration suppression device for machinery

SHIN, Gyu-Sik


Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Univ.of Texas at Austin
Master of Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University

Dean, Department of Robotics Engineering, Hanyang University
Head of Research Department, Korea Robot Convergence Research Institute
Samsung SDS CAD/PLM Team Senior Researcher

BAE, Dong-Seong


Korea University Graduate School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Ph.D.
B.S., Electrical, Electronic and Radio Engineering, Korea University

Department of Software, Sangmyung University
LG Electronics VS Business Division Yangsan SW Development
AVS Front Camera Unit Team
Research Professor, Korea University

Driving environment recognition technology for unmanned transportation and Development of control technology (National Research Foundation of Korea)
Model predictive control-based vehicle avoidance route creation Algorithm development (Hyundai NGB)
Users using multiple biosignals State recognition technology development (National Research Foundation of Korea)

CHOI, Byeong-Uk


Doctor of Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Master of Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
Bachelor of Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Department of Electronic Engineering)

Professor, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Nanyang Technological U.V S.Fellow
Management of a venture company specializing in embedded systems, Sunmoon University Embedded Systems Lab Associate Professor
Responsible for research center of LG Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

Embedded system
Embedded Linux and Real-Time Systems
Ubiquitous Computing
Intelligent service robot

LEE, Yeon-Tae


Department of Applied Electronic Engineering, Korea University
Hanyang University Graduate School of Manufacturing Artificial Intelligence

Professor, Department of Human Intelligent Robot Engineering, Sangmyung University
Professor of Intelligent Robot Electricity, Bucheon University
Lecturer of Digital Electronics Department, Sunmoon University
Goyoung Robotics RnC Robot Training Center
Bucheon Industrial Promotion Foundation Youth Robot Class

Mentor training, Contents Jinheumwon Robot Industry Promotion Agency
EBS robot camp planning and execution
EBS robot power planning and execution
Korea Robot Wars planning and execution

LEE, Jo-Ro


Master of Business Administration, Seoul National University

40th Judicial Training Institute
Currently lawyer at law firm, Taeil

Main field
General Affairs (Civil/Criminal//Administration)
Construction, real estate disputes (bid rights, auctions)
Patent, intellectual property rights
Corporate Legal Affairs (General Dispute)
Corporate Criminal/ Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade